Isadora Duncan Dance Awards (the ‘Izzies’): 2009-2010 Winners-Part 1

The 25th Anniversary Isadora Duncan Dance Awards 2009-10

San Francisco Ballet’s Artists and associated Choreographers, Composers, Designers, and Revivalists were well-represented in many of last night’s categories (for a complete listing, see my previous post here). So it was with little surprise that one of last night’s prestigious honors went to an elite group of  SFB men for their outstanding Ensemble Performance in Yuri Possokhov’s Classical Symphony (last season’s performances)

Congratulations to the following San Francisco Ballet Dancers for their  

‘Outstanding Achievement in Performance-Ensemble’ award:

SFB Principal Dancer, Jaime Garcia Castilla

SFB Soloist (Corps at the time of nomination), Daniel Deivison-Oliveira

SFB Principal Dancer, Vitor Luiz

SFB Principal Dancer, Gennadi Nedvigin

SFB Soloist, James Sofranko


SFB Soloist Hansuke Yamamoto 

More on ‘The Izzies’ next posting…


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2 Responses to Isadora Duncan Dance Awards (the ‘Izzies’): 2009-2010 Winners-Part 1

  1. Teri – Thank you for your enthusiastic encouragement to your blog readers to attend the 25th anniversary Isadora Duncan Dance Awards ceremony this past March 14, 2011. Also thanks for posting the winners. It is generous people just like you who help us to get the word out about this special night. We’ll be sure to add you to our list of ‘go-tos’ when publicizing next year’s event.

    • You are more than welcome; it truly is a remarkable event that reminds all of us how immensely talented our entire local Dance community is. I was waiting for the list of winners to be updated on your site and one of your Committee members informed me your server was down. Now that it’s back up, I’VE been down with the BBF (Big Bad Flu). As soon as I feel well enough to write, I will post about the event and include a link to the Izzies’ site for the complete list of winners. Great job, everyone!

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