Christopher Wheeldon’s World Premiere…


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  …in London!

One of San Francisco Ballet’s favorite visiting choreographers, Christopher Wheeldon,  has just celebrated one more extraordinary World Premiere, his Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the first full-length production for The Royal Ballet in 15+ years, and co-produced with The National Ballet of Canada. Just a few weeks before his San Francisco Ballet World Premiere, Number Nine on SFB’s Program 7,  set to open this Friday 4/8/11, and the encore of last season’s Ghosts on the preceding Program 6, opening Thursday 4/7/11, this highly sought-after choreographer has added another notch of success in his dance belt. Mr. Wheeldon has brought new life to the Royal Opera House at Covent Garden.

And Londoners are delighted:

Read the write up in ‘Ballet News’ here.

(^Just a bit farther down from the photo of The Mad Hatter in this ^ review, you’ll find the link to the video)




 Lauren Cuthbertson as Alice; Photo: MANUEL DE LOS GALENES


Zenaida Yanowsky as The Queen of Hearts; Photo: ROH/Johan Persson



Lauren Cuthbertson as Alice; Photo: ROH/Johan Persson


Steven McRae as The Mad Hatter Photograph : ROH/Johan Persson


This latest Wheeldon success seems to come not a moment too soon for the UK. In providing the link below, to yet another writer’s proclamation that ‘Ballet is dying’, I’d like to contemplate our very good fortune here in the San Francisco Bay Area. We positively bask in the wealth of fresh creative offerings every season, with the best choreographers in the world vying for opportunities to create works for the Dancers of San Francisco Ballet. With such riches and creative programming, the art of mixing the traditional with the new, I don’t believe any SFBalletomane would agree with this conjecture.

Before I sign off, I’d like to put my two cents in to Helgi Tomasson, in an unabashed request to see this new Wheeldon Ballet and its stunning costumes here at SFB:

Mr. Tomasson, there are puppets. Real live puppets. 

See You at the Ballet!


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