Odette’s Ordeal Offers San Francisco Ballet ‘Mystery Dancer’ Hint

  ^San Francisco Ballet ‘Mystery Dancer’, Model for Odette’s Ordeal, and Odette’s 1st Interview (‘Mystery Photographer’ to be disclosed soon, as well!)  

In a moment of gratitude for her readers’ great loyalty and patience, Odette has decided to offer another hint in regards to her upcoming San Francisco Ballet ‘Mystery Dancer’ Interview-yes, the one she’s been bragging about for some time now, with its promised exclusive Odette’s Ordeal photo shoot.

(Odette’s a big tease that way. Odile must have taught her a thing or two…)

Odette originally planned to launch her whole site at the beginning of SFB’s 2011 Season. Though she failed to launch by Gala, she decided to retire her 5 year old SFB Newsy Bits newsletter-in email format (OO’s first incarnation)-and launch the blog portion of her new site in its stead.

For new readers: Odette’s Ordeal is not just a blog. It is (or will be) a comprehensive web site dedicated to the Dancers of San Francisco Ballet and their Fans. The reason you cannot access all of the pages on ‘OO’ is that they are still under construction.

If you haven’t seen what’s in store for you on Odette’s Ordeal, please look at Odette’s exciting ‘About’ page here.

As soon as SFB’s 2011 season is over (sadly, we’re nearly there), Odette will finally find the time to offically launch the rest of her site. When that happens, there will be a National Holiday, a ginormous disco ball, streamers, confetti, balloons, and links to all the pages that will finally be ‘Open to the Public’.

And Pauli Magierek will shimmy while we all sip something preposterously colorful and dangerously intoxicating. (With frou-frou cocktail umbrellas.)

(Make that 2 umbrellas. It’s an important event.)

(Never mind those intoxicating cocktails; let’s have Jello Shooters instead. They’ll be a better match for Pauli’s shimmying activities.)

Odette wishes to thank her long-standing subscribers who have been with her from the beginning of SFB Newsy Bits, and to welcome her new fast-growing readership.

If you love the Dancers of San Francisco Ballet, you’ve just found your new favorite site. In just a couple of weeks, many of OO’s ‘locked’ pages will be open and Odette hopes you will appreciate the web site she’s labored so long to build.

(All by herself.)   


(Now is when you applaud.)


Can any of you guess who Odette’s ‘Mystery Dancer’ is? (If you’ve seen the photo before, you are automatically disqualified.) Please ‘comment’ if you have a guess.

One more tidbit: Odette plans to disclose the name of her ‘Mystery Photographer’ at the same time as her ‘Mystery Dancer’. And yes…there will be an associated interview!

Good luck with your guesses.

Odette will give you another hint tomorrow.

See You at the Ballet!


^Odette’s Ordeal’s iconic logo features the same ‘Mystery Dancer’ and ‘Mystery Photographer’ as the photo at the top of this post.

P.S. Odette will also be bringing you updated Casting information (and more ‘Mermaid Musings’) for San Francisco Ballet’s 2011 production of John Neumeier’s The Little Mermaid. In so doing, she will also catch up with Lorena Feijoo. For more about The Little Mermaid, go here.


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3 Responses to Odette’s Ordeal Offers San Francisco Ballet ‘Mystery Dancer’ Hint

  1. Carolyn Hutton says:

    I’m guessing Dana Genshaft. Total guess, quite random. We’ll see!

  2. Jerry says:

    First I thought they were photos of you from your dancing days! But if you say she is in the SFB Corps, I think she is Madison Keesler.

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