San Francisco Ballet at Stern Grove Festival | July 31, 2011


San Francisco Ballet has announced its annual free performance at Stern Grove. Click below for details. You know you want to: 

Stern Grove Festival | July 31, 2011.

This is the only opportunity to see our favorite Company perform in San Francisco between this Sunday 5/8/11’s final performance of The Little Mermaid and the Opening Night of Nutcracker.

That’s a loooong dry season for SFBalletomanes.

And how often do we get to sip on beverages and nosh on pita chips and hummus while watching the SFB Dancers perform amidst dragonflies? The whole idea that we have to wear sunscreen to attend a Ballet performance makes the experience rather fun and trippy, doesn’t it?

And aren’t we the least bit curious about the precise moment the fog will lift  (ok, if the fog will lift) and maybe provide a dry enough climate for the Dancers and Musicians to perform?

 or ?

Any bets, anyone?


Odette’s Mysterious Disappearance of the Third Mermaid Cast postponed till tomorrow. Odette is as tired as a little Mermaid on dry land.

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