San Francisco Ballet Choreographer in Residence Yuri Possokhov and His ‘Don Quixote’ World Premiere with the Joffrey Ballet Tonight!

Just a ‘quickie’ from Odette:

Yes! Yuri Possokhov, famed former Bolshoi Ballet and San Francisco Ballet Principal Dancer, who is also currently SFB’s ‘Choreographer in Residence’, has a world premiere tonight and it’s not here in San Francisco. Although Mr. Possokhov is the co-choreographer of SFB’s current ‘Don Quixote’ production (scheduled in the upcoming 2012 season with all new sets and costumes), with SFB Artistic Director and Principal Choreographer Helgi Tomasson, tonight’s brand new production of ‘Don Q’ (DancerSpeak for ‘Don Quixote’) is all Yuri’s…and premiering on the Joffrey Ballet.

Ashley Wheater, Joffrey Artistic Director and former SFB Principal Dancer and Ballet Master, is beside himself with anticipation as are the Joffrey’s dancers who are all a-buzz on the social media sites.

A big fat ‘Merde’ to Yuri, Ashley, and the entire Joffrey Ballet!

(Odette doesn’t have the extra time to include all her usual links to interviews, articles, and photos, but they ARE out there. Just ‘google’ these words: Yuri Possokhov Don Quixote Joffrey.)

And go to the Joffrey’s web site here.

Odette is off to see the new Wim Wenders feature length dance film (in 3D!) ‘Pina’ at the Mill Valley Film Festival tonight-a film that almost wasn’t finished when the legendary choreographer Pina Bausch passed away in 2009. Read about it here.

Odette would like to thank her faithful readers for their utmost patience during this web site’s pre-launch mode. She has been very active with SFB Dancer news on FaceBook and Twitter and would like to invite you to ‘friend’, ‘like’, and ‘follow’ her on those sites as well. In the meantime she will try to do better during pre-launch mode at posting news on her blog here, for those not on FaceBook and Twitter; this means that some posts will just be ‘newsy’ (like this one), while others will have all the links, slide shows, and video clips you’ve come to love.

For those of you who missed Odette’s last post, there is an opportunity to see some of SFB’s finest Dancers perform this Saturday night at the Cowell Theater. Go here for the deets. 

Joffrey Dancers: ‘Toi Toi Toi’!

(Dylan G: shoot me a comment on how it goes!)

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4 Responses to San Francisco Ballet Choreographer in Residence Yuri Possokhov and His ‘Don Quixote’ World Premiere with the Joffrey Ballet Tonight!

  1. Charlotte Russe says:

    Odette thanks for wheting my appetite for Don Q, now I have to wait till May to quench it!

    • Well, we could fly out and review Yuri’s in Chicago. Anyone want to pony up the flights? How about an exclusive interview with one of their Basilios? Or maybe the master puppeteer of their ‘horse’? Shall we interview Yuri and Ashley while we’re at it? That would mean you’d have to come with me to see several perfs. But if no one invites me to review it, you’ll just have to wait till SFB’s program 8. So sorry Charlotte.

  2. Andrea Paris says:

    I saw it last night oct 14 and saw Amber Newman step into the role of Kitri at the last minute. Tonight I will see it again with another partner change as Dylan G will dance Basilio with Victoria Jainai as Kitri. It’s a beautiful production. The flying is well done but brief. The horse is different and expressive. The production is first rate and the dancers are looking SO IN SHAPE! They are in top form. Yay Joffrey ballet.

    • Andrea-
      Thanks so much for the Joffrey ‘Don Q’ update. I really wish I could see it and compare the production with SFB’s, especially since Yuri co-choreographed the SFB ‘Don Q’. He is as truly great a choreographer as he was a dancer; everything he creates is golden. Dylan just msg’d me that he is very excited about his Basilio tonight. I know I’m beginning to sound like a broken record, but “Wish I could see it”! Good for Amber, Kitri being one of the most technically challenging roles for a ‘last minute’ cast change. Go Joffrey!!!

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