San Francisco Ballet Fans: Help Odette’s Ordeal Get into 2011’s Top Twenty Dance Blogs!

Top Twenty Dance Blogs Contest

Well, as usual, Odette has procrastinated till today (Odile’s fault!)-the deadline to be accepted into Dance Advantage’s 2011’s Top Twenty Dance Blogs Contest.

The good news?:

You can still vote for Odette’s Ordeal by simply commenting on this post, no matter how briefly. Just tell Odette how wonderful her blog is and she’s a contender! (Any specific blog posts that you enjoyed or reasons you love to read ‘OO’? Let me know!)

Thank you all for your support through Odette’s first year; even though the entire web site hasn’t been launched, you have been most enthusiastic about the blog portion of this web site and it is greatly appreciated.

So if Odette has given you one iota of newsy dance info that has been of interest to you, please comment below and help her become a contender!

Kiss Kiss Kiss, Hug Hug Hug, triple pirouette, clean landing!


(To find out more about Dance Advantage’s 2011 Top Twenty Dance Blogs Contest, go here.)



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'Ballet's Head Cheerleader'
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53 Responses to San Francisco Ballet Fans: Help Odette’s Ordeal Get into 2011’s Top Twenty Dance Blogs!

  1. Mark Litwin says:

    We love the site for all the lastest information about SFB

  2. Paul Dana says:

    Fantastic blog! Best ever!

  3. Netta F. Fedor says:

    You are the best, Teri! Thank you for your wonderful, insightful, timely insights. I don’t know what I would do without you! The San Francisco Ballet fans are truly fortunate to have you. Thank you for all you are doing! Love, Netta

  4. Robert Nelson says:

    Thank you so much for all of the wonderful insight you have shared with me over the past year. I have come to know the dancers of SF Ballet much better. And you have helped us know the schedules for the dancers. And shared some of their bios with us. Thank you so much.

  5. Both as a journalist and balletomane, I am deeply impressed by the depth, variety, and obvious oceans of elbow grease exhibited on this blog.

    If I didn’t know that the blog owner is a person, I would surely guess that this is an output of a large editorial organization. Kudos and best wishes for the new year!

  6. tammy miner says:

    love Odette’s Ordeal especially as it is written by someone who really knoes and loves ballet!

  7. Jack Young says:

    Great blog on SF Ballet and ballet in general! Excellent source for insights into SF Ballet and its company of superb dancers! Thanks, Teri!

  8. Cynthia says:

    Love this blog!!! Keep it coming!!

  9. Pupi says:

    I love Teri’s blog! She’s the best!

  10. Val Caniparoli says:

    Keep up the good work. I love catching up on all what’s happening in the Bay Area Dance scene and beyond on your blog. Excellent!!!!!!

  11. Robert Reid says:

    Indispensable blog for fans of SF Ballet. Thank you Teri!

  12. Ms Ordeal clues us in to information we didn’t even know we wondered about. She educates and delights us with her wealth of information on SFBallet as well as the dance world in general. Thank you O.O. for all that you do.

  13. lookchoozact says:

    YES! your blog is the best! Just like an insider’s view of the SFB and the dance world in general. Enjoy all of the ways you enlighten and delight my dance fancy with your intelligent and insightful views and, dare I say it?, ‘gossipy’ news, just like a backstage pass. Keep up the good work and thanks for the efforts.

  14. Melba Largent says:

    Thanks Teri for keeping us informed about the San Francisco Ballet. I enjoy reading your blog.

  15. Deeandra says:

    Most informative and fabulous blog ever! Kiss Kiss Kiss, Hug Hug Hug, triple pirouette (preceded by never-ending fouettes), clean landing! ;0)

  16. Kimberly Graves says:

    Great blog, love news of the new dancers like Nicolle Ciapponi!!! You keep me up to date on the ones to watch.

  17. Diego cruz says:

    This is the best wall I have ever seen in my life

  18. wakingsaints says:

    Thanks for blogging for us Teri! Rock on!!

  19. vito says:

    Amazing blog….thank you Teri

  20. Kathy Hall says:

    Intelligent, informative, and imaginative—excellent blog! Thank you, Teri!

  21. stina says:

    Love this blog!!!

  22. Great blogging Teri! Thanks for getting the word out about all things dance related, SFB and otherwise!

  23. Shion Yuasa says:

    This is great Blog! I love it!!!

  24. VICTORIA says:

    It has been a great reference for me that i am new in this country and in San Francisco Ballet! Thank you and keep going Teri !!!!!!!!!

  25. Steven says:

    Thank you for blogging, Teri! Keep it up!!!

  26. Teri it has been great fun reading your post this last 3 years at SFB!

  27. Ellen Rose says:

    fantastic blog! Thank you and Keep up the great work! 🙂

  28. Nicole Ciapponi says:

    Thanks for blogging! keep it up =)


  29. Lauren Jonas says:

    Odette’s Ordeal is a wonderful blog that supports the dance community and we at Diablo Ballet are truly appreciative.

  30. mariellen olson says:

    Great Blog! You always have the latest news and keep our fans interested and informed! Thank you for your support!

  31. Jeanette Kakareka says:

    Thanks for the blog, Teri! 🙂

  32. Madison says:

    Good luck!

  33. Ching Chi says:

    Sweet toned blog, always brings a warm feeling when reading

  34. Simon says:

    Thanks for all you do Teri – your love and passion for SFB comes through loud and clear. Great Blog!

  35. Sabine says:

    awesome blog, teri…thank you!

  36. gibbs2 says:

    Keep up the good work!

  37. Sabine Goerke-Shrode says:

    I love this blog – thank you for your great posts.

  38. JON BORSET says:


  39. elizabeth miner says:

    Teri thanks for this blog, it really keeps everyone up to date with SFB and dance in general!

  40. Mahnaz says:

    You’re the best!
    I’m impressed with your knowledge and the enthusiasm you put on this field.
    Thank you!

  41. Gail Pierce says:

    Great Blog –full of awesome your writing talent!!!

  42. ommi says:


  43. Virginia Reyna says:


    I depend upon you for all the latest, most interesting San Francisco (and other) ballet news. You keep me very happy!!!

    G. Reyna

  44. Virginia Reyna says:

    Great blog!!

  45. Rose says:

    Thanks for supporting SFB’s dancers and keeping us posted on all things dance.

  46. Luke says:

    I usually find out mor about my co dancers at SF BAllet through Terri than through going to work. We r lucky to have her and her blog.

  47. Junko Baker says:

    As an SFB fan for many, many years and a ballet fan for as long as I can remember, her site can give me news I am truly interested in. One of the best finds for my ballet needs.

  48. Daniel Baker says:

    Odette – Your blog, respect, dedication, love and support to the art of dance is so admirable. It’s nice to know that people appreciate and care about what we do.

    Keep blogging!

    Thank you

  49. Francisco Mungamba says:

    Great Blog thank you so much Teri =)

  50. Sarah says:

    Love Odette’s Ordeal! Best dance news out there…especially for the SFB but for top ballet news from around the world. Thank you so much!

  51. Miriam says:

    You keep us posted, and on time for things happening in the Danceworld. Keep going, happy 2012 as well.

  52. Tab says:

    Odette, you’re the finest in the flock! Long may your SFB cheerleading continue!!!

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