‘Odette’s Ordeal’, Voted One of 2011’s ‘Top Twenty Dance Blogs’ by San Francisco Ballet Fans and Dancers, Now in the Finals to Win ‘Top Dance Blog’ with Your Help!

Thanks to a loyal readership of San Francisco Ballet dancers and balletomanes, Bay Area dance fans and dancers, and a rapidly growing readership amongst Canadian and UK dance readers, (all otherwise known as Odette’s wise, witty, and wonderful ‘peeps’), Odette’s Ordeal has made it into Dance Advantage’s ‘Top Twenty Dance Blogs of 2011’!

Even more incredible (and thanks to those same wise, witty, and wonderful ‘peeps’):

Odette’s Ordeal is now a finalist for the coveted #1 ‘Top Dance Blog’ honor(!)


(“But wait-there’s more!” lol)

 …a finalist for the #1 spot in the ‘Seeing Dance’ category! 

Each of my sister/brother ‘Top Twenty Dance Blogs’ qualify for the #1 ‘Top Dance Blog’ spot, but only the top THREE in each of the other categories can compete in the finals for their respective categories.

It’s a huge honor for this first year blog to be in the top three blogs of the ‘Seeing Dance’ category.

(Plus it makes Odette feel all warm and downy.)

So now Odette is asking for : 

~One more teeny tiny (itsiest bitsiest) favor from her wise, witty, and wonderful ‘peeps’~ 

Please vote again in this final round (no comments needed this time) for Odette to win in the two categories you helped her qualify for; it only takes three tiny clicks: one to get to Dance Advantage’s voting page, one for ‘Top Blog’ and one more itsy bitsy click for ‘Seeing Dance’.

Just three tiny clicks. No comments, no names. Just bucketloads of appreciation and a promise to bring you some of the most gorgeous photos and inspired interviews with your favorite dancers. Ever.

Easy peasy. C’mon-I’ll walk you through it (although we should maybe make that a petite allegro/quickstep as Odette’s other obligations have kept her too busy to post till now and her blogging competitors have had a whole week’s head start!):

Click on the ‘Top Dance Blogs’ icon above (or go here) and vote TWICE for Odette’s Ordeal; check 1 box in the ‘Your Favorite Top Dance Blog’ category (Odette’s Ordeal is the 6th blog listed in the brown print below the very large ‘Top Dance Blogs’ icon-like the one above-when you scroll down a bit), and 1 more box in the ‘Seeing Dance’ category which is in the black box right below that. Don’t forget to click on the word ‘Vote’ in each category and you’re done! The deadline is 1/4/12 at noon. Thanks for the love!

(Also stay tuned for Odette’s next posting of a new film by Brian Gibbs and TAGsf featuring San Francisco Ballet’s own Garen Scribner, Dores André, and another former SFB dancer you’ve all been asking about…mm hmmm…his last name rhymes with ‘far side…’)

(Of course only those that voted will be able to see it.)

(Just kidding.) 

(Odette can be an evil tease like that-no Odile needed…)

Alrighty then. So go vote now.

Wishing you all a happy & healthy 2012, full of love, laughter, and fabulous DANCING!!!

(and not necessarily in that order…)

About Odette's Ordeal

'Ballet's Head Cheerleader'
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2 Responses to ‘Odette’s Ordeal’, Voted One of 2011’s ‘Top Twenty Dance Blogs’ by San Francisco Ballet Fans and Dancers, Now in the Finals to Win ‘Top Dance Blog’ with Your Help!

  1. Sandi Covell says:

    I followed the directions and voted for Top Blog. Then I looked and looked but there was no black box for “Seeing Dance” (right below or elsewhere) so, unfortunately, I couldn’t give OO my 2nd vote. I would if I could.

    • Thanks Sandi! I really appreciate it. Ok, the box is on the left and just under the Top Dance Blog list of entries and maybe it’s more of a dark charcoal bluish grey color. Definitely says “Seeing Dance” and “Odette’s Ordeal” is the 3rd listed. Please try again.

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