San Francisco Ballet Adds ‘Olga & Lensky’ to ‘Onegin’ Casting; Sarah Van Patten in the Royal Danish Ballet’s 2002 ‘Onegin’

(Now, if we can just get them to post ‘Prince Gremin’…)

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I’ve added the ‘Lensky & Olga’ casting (Gennadi Nedvigin & Clara Blanco, Taras Domitro & Dana Genshaft, Jaime Garcia Castilla & Dores Andre, and Isaac Hernandez & Courtney Elizabeth)  for this upcoming run of San Francisco Ballet’s production of John Cranko’s Onegin here, per SFB’s updating of their site (and a few more photos) till I can get back to everyone with my 2012 ‘Tales of the Gala’.

In the meantime, this photo of a young Sarah Van Patten in Cranko’s Onegin with the ‘Royal Danish Ballet’ in 2002 may be a surprise to SFBalletomanes; no, she did not dance ‘Tatiana’ (the lead role in which she is debuting this Sunday, January 29, 2012, at 2pm, at SFB) all those years ago, but she did dance the role of ‘Olga’:

Sarah Van Patten as Olga in the 2002 Royal Danish Ballet production of 'Onegin' ©David Amazallag

And for sheer beauty:

Yuan Yuan Tan & Ruben Martin Cintas in publicity photo for San Francisco Ballet's production of Cranko's 'Onegin'; Photo: Erik Tomasson

Vanessa Zahorian as Tatiana & Damian Smith (to dance the role of ‘Prince Gremin’) in publicity photo for San Francisco Ballet’s production of Cranko’s ‘Onegin’; Photo: Erik Tomasson

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