San Francisco Ballet Soloist Victoria Ananyan-Exclusive Photos by Brian Mengini for Odette’s Ordeal

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In appreciation of my very patient readers, and to celebrate the upcoming performances of San Francisco Ballet Soloist Victoria Ananyan, here is a sneak peek of our exclusive photo shoot for Odette’s Ordeal and Brian Mengini Photography, by dance photographer extraordinaire Brian Mengini; the rest of the shoot will accompany my upcoming interview with our Armenian ballerina, as well as appear on Brian’s site.


Stay tuned for more beautiful images of ‘Vika’ (Victoria), and other soon-to-be featured San Francisco Ballet dancers, all shot by Brian Mengini, one of the most talented dance photographers in the biz.

(And yes; there will be ‘outtakes’ and behind-the-scenes photos, including some with the ‘Director’ of the shoot, yours truly! )

Photographer Brian Mengini 'partnering' Victoria Ananyan; Photo: Odette for Brian Mengini Photography(!)

Please also visit the stunning galleries of Brian Mengini Photography on Facebook here. 


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2 Responses to San Francisco Ballet Soloist Victoria Ananyan-Exclusive Photos by Brian Mengini for Odette’s Ordeal

  1. Peggster says:

    Has she danced yet this year? Or is she injured? Haven’t seen her on stage yet.

    • Hi Peggster-
      No, Victoria has not danced this season yet, but she is not injured. She danced The Grand Pas de Deux with Ruben, Queen of the Snow with Garen, and Arabian in ‘Nutcracker’ and is rehearsing 5 of the 6 ballets in Programs 5 & 6. My hands are tied as far as mentioning which ballets and roles, but I will tell you that she has some ‘Muriel-esque’ roles coming up as she is 5’7″ with long feet (making her VERY tall on pointe), and a natural flexibilty on the order of Maffre, Guillem, & Lacarra.
      Hope those hints are helpful.

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