Happy St. Patrick’s Day from ‘Odette’s Ordeal’: San Francisco Ballet in Our Emerald City by the Bay

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I ask you, is there any more appropriate city than San Francisco that can-and does-boast the much abused quote “I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore”? 

Proof of our Emerald City by the Bay is in the clover luminescence of San Francisco City Hall’s festive St. Patty’s Day attire, as seen from the courtyard of San Francisco Ballet’s home stage, the War Memorial Opera House. After rehearsals, all week long, the dancers have been ushered into the evening with this rather spectacular sight the moment they’ve stepped out the stage door’s exit:

Both photos: Teri McCollum on her absolutely ancient 3g iPhone (and a little help from some cool apps)


 Searching for a fresh way to celebrate St. Patty’s day and San Francisco Ballet (in between programs), Odette combed through her old ‘SFB Newsy Bits’ newsletters for some inspiration and came up with a leprechaun’s enviable pot-o-gold of past and present San Francisco Ballet dancers dressed in the color of the day:  


 Muriel Maffre & Damian Smith in Wheeldon’s Continuum; Photo © Erik Tomasson


Victoria Ananyan for Odette’s Ordeal; Photo © Brian Mengini (yes, this is another *sneak peek* of our upcoming interview!)


Katita Waldo in Forsythe’s The Vertiginous Thrill of Exactitude; Photo © Erik Tomasson


San Francisco Ballet in Balanchine’s Emeralds; Photo © Erik Tomasson


James Sofranko & Elizabeth Miner in Wheeldon’s Continuum; Photo © Erik Tomasson


Damian Smith & Yuan Yuan Tan in Balanchine’s Emeralds; Photo © Erik Tomasson


Clara Blanco; Photo © Quinn Wharton


Kristina Lind in publicity still for Ratmansky’s ‘Le Carnaval des Animaux’; Photo © Erik Tomasson


Sofiane Sylve & James Sofranko in Morris’ Sandpaper Ballet; Photo © Erik Tomasson


San Francisco Ballet in Morris’ Sandpaper Ballet; Photo © Erik Tomasson

My apologies; once again, technical issues with WordPress, my host site, have prevented me from posting this with photo captions in the thumbnail gallery. Yes, it’s a day late, but I still wanted to publish it after spending hours on deleting and re-entering photos and captions a zillion different ways. I’m unclear as to why this recent new problem has occurred and can only hope they ‘get it together’ shortly. My intent is to have full credits in my slideshows, as usual, but this problem is out of my control. 

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10 Responses to Happy St. Patrick’s Day from ‘Odette’s Ordeal’: San Francisco Ballet in Our Emerald City by the Bay

  1. Sandi Covell says:

    Correction: I think the Emeralds photo between Jim Sofranko/Liz Miner and Clara Blanco is not Damian/YYT. It is Muriel Maffre and probably Ben Pierce.

    • Hi Sandi-
      First, I want to thank you for being one of the most dedicated SFBalletomanes and one of Odette’s Peeps!
      As to the photo in question, I went back to my original source material of several years ago, when I first published the photo in my newsletter ‘SFB Newsy Bits’, and found it to be also captioned as YY and Damian there and in ‘Voice of Dance’. I’ve looked at it very closely, several times now, and must conclude that it is, indeed, YY and Damian, as originally published. I will check with YY and Muriel; if a change needs to be made, I will reply again to your comment. If not, I’ll leave it as is.
      I hope you’re as excited as I am to see Programs 5 & 6! The biggest backstage buzz seems to be about the Liang ballet, but some of the Corps are also thrilled just to be ‘walking’ in Robbins’ iconic ‘Glass Pieces’, one of my favorite ballets in SFB’s large rep.
      See you at the ballet!

  2. Irishman's widow. says:

    Ummm, I think that because Patrick is Padraic in Irish, the day should properly be called St. Paddy’s Day. “Paddy” is the way that nickname for Patrick is spelled.

    • Thanks for the input! Being part Irish (and fully Celtic), of the American flavor, I should probably agree with you. But since St. Patrick’s Day is largely an American observation, a barely observed event in Ireland, I went ahead with the Americanized slang and moved on to the actual point of the post and my blog-sharing the beauty of our favorite dancers wirh some glorious photos of SFB. I’m willing to bet that most of Odette’s Peeps are fine with either slang, as long as they get what they actually came for.

  3. Mrs Pottagold says:

    Thank you Odette for once again sharing the savory delights of SFB.

    • My pleasure! I just hope I can find another treasure trove of green-themed dance photos in time for next year. You’d be surprised at how few ballet costumes are green (photos from readers gratefully accepted and published, if anyone has some!).

    • Why, thank you, Mrs. Pottagold! I enjoy getting comments; s’good to know my blog posts are being read and enjoyed.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    I love the picture of Yuan Yuan Tan and Damian Smith in Emeralds. The color of the costumes are so so beautiful, and she is one of my favorite dancers.

  5. momfawn says:

    Absolutely glorious! – Fawn

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