San Francisco Ballet’s Jordan Hammond-Exclusive Photos by Brian Mengini for ‘Odette’s Ordeal’

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San Francisco Ballet’s Jordan Hammond; Photos © Brian Mengini for Odette’s Ordeal

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Just when you were wondering (silently to yourself, aloud with others of like minds at the War Memorial Opera House, performing home of San Francisco Ballet, or in personal correspondence to Odette) why one of SFB’s most popular Corps de Ballet Dancers, Jordan Hammond, has been missing from the on stage realm this season, here comes Odette to the rescue with some gorgeous images of the ballerina in all her balletic glory!


Jordan is recovering beautifully from a sprain (hey, we’ve all had one-it happens…), will hopefully be able to join her peers on the company’s summer’s tours, and will soon be featured in an upcoming interview with Odette. To whet your whistle, this is a teensy tiny preview of the exclusive photo shoot for Odette’s Ordeal by the Mighty and Supreme (*M & S*, as opposed to *S & M*) Dance Photographer Sometimes Known as Brian Mengini (I highly recommend that you click on that^ hyperlink and check out Brian’s other stunning ballet images).



 You all know what it means when I say I’m pleased to share this teensy tiny preview of the much-missed young dancer-and her gorgeous feet (she owns some of the best ballet arches in SFB), right?  



You got it, peeps; it means ‘there’s more where these came from’, so stay tuned for Odette’s interviews and more photographic magic from The M & S Brian Mengini! 



Also visit Brian Mengini Photography on FaceBook here.



Though Brian Mengini is, without a doubt, one of the finest dance photographers in the country, he will not be without good company from some of Odette’s other featured photographers…

…Coming Soon!

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6 Responses to San Francisco Ballet’s Jordan Hammond-Exclusive Photos by Brian Mengini for ‘Odette’s Ordeal’

  1. lookchoozact says:

    Hooray! Thanks for featuring Jordan. Have missed her this season and look forward to your interview. Sweet feet and sweet heart!

  2. Lipsticklez says:

    Thank you Ms. O for once again sharing the gorgeous delights of SFB.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    She does have incredible feet!

  4. LISA MONROE says:

    She has the most beautiful feet in the company. Love her lines….. she is just all around beautiful.

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