San Francisco Ballet Announces New 2013 Dancer Roster

It’s official; the new San Francisco Ballet 2012-2013 dancer roster has been announced and there are some incoming surprises, as well as some sad news of outgoing favorites. Now that Odette’s lips can officially sink some ships, here’s that all-important link to the new roster that every SFBalletomane (a term Odette coined that has since gone viral with other members of the press and ballet forums, thanks to her many loyal readers) has been looking for:

San Francisco Ballet’s 2012-2013 Dancer Roster 

(Make sure you click into each category^in the gray box to the right, when you get there, for Principals, Soloists, and Corps de Ballet)

With respect to those who want this info the second it becomes official, Odette is now clicking the ‘publish’ button…but will be back in a matter of minutes with her annual Translation of the roster, which she knows many of you look forward to-the blow-by-blow of who’s gone, where they went, promotions, and who’s new. She will also bring you interviews with some of the departing dancers like former SFB Soloist Pauli Magierek and former Corps de Ballet Dancers Matthew Stewart and Daniel Baker.

See you momentarily!


Odette, in her haste to get you the news as it happens, just made a complete oversight of SFB’s official Press Release sitting in her inbox and SFB has given us many details about the new dancers and promotions here.


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3 Responses to San Francisco Ballet Announces New 2013 Dancer Roster

  1. Mark Litwin says:

    I had the opportunity to see the Paris Opera Ballet in Chgo last weekend. They did Suite en Blanc, which is coming to SFB next season. WOW! Also in program- Bolero by Bejart-DOUBLE WOW. I also saw and chatted with Ashley Wheater- good to see him.

    • Mark-
      So pleased (and envious) to hear you went to Chicago for POB! I’m preparing a post on ‘Suite en Blanc’ sometime before the 2013 season begins and it will feature POB’s many video clips. I think it’s a masterpiece and can’t wait to see our SFB dancers in all the juicy roles. Who did you see in ‘Le Cigarette’, ‘La Flute’, ‘Adagio’, ‘Mazurka’, and ‘Serenade’ variations? See if you can photograph the program’s cast sheet and shoot it over to me. SFBalletomanes have no idea what glorious splendor awaits them in this gorgeous piece…do we? I’m thinking we should have a ‘Fan-tasy Casting’ game after I post the clips. I already know which roles I want to see Vanessa and Sofiane in!

  2. Jeff Tabaco says:

    Thanks for the scoop… I do love breaking news! Looking forward to your complete analysis! 🙂

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