Baby Girl Born to San Francisco Ballet’s Lorena Feijoo & Vitor Luiz!

Lorena Feijoo, Vitor Luiz, & about-to-be-born-to-the-proudest-parents-in-the-world ‘Baby Girl’! Taken 1 month ago.

She’s here! She’s here! She’s HERE!!!

San Francisco Ballet’s most P.P.P. (Passionate Principal Pair), Lorena Feijoo and Vitor Luiz, are now the proud parents of an 8.5 pound baby girl, born yesterday morning at 10:02 am in San Francisco. Lorena’s Facebook page tells us that Baby Girl was put immediately in her mother’s arms, and that Lorena’s sister, Lorna, described her as “bella”.

Vitor also sent Odette a personal message that they will soon be sending some exclusive baby photos to Odette to share with her readers, so stay tuned!


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5 Responses to Baby Girl Born to San Francisco Ballet’s Lorena Feijoo & Vitor Luiz!

  1. MrsDeeDee says:

    Looking forward to Odette’s exclusive on SFB’s newest addition/edition.

  2. Pat Hendricks says:

    As happy as Lorena looks here – and who wouldn’t be!! – will she return to the stage??

    • When I chatted with her last, she was anxious to grace us with her presence on stage again. But who knows? Maybe Bella Baby Girl will change her mind. It would be our loss, certainly!

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