2013 Top Dance Blogs Contest; Nominate ‘Odette’s Ordeal’ With a Comment!

The Dance Advantage Top Dance Blog Contest 2013

The Dance Advantage Top Dance Blog Contest 2013

Hello Dear Readers!

As this Thursday’s San Francisco Ballet 2013 Opening Night Gala (woot!) begins the season with a program to delight every SF Balletomane (woot woot!), Odette is brushing off her keyboard to continue to bring you up-to-the minute previews, interviews, ‘Newsy Bits’, reviews, video clips, and photo shoots of your favorite dancers…in her trademark ‘Let’s Celebrate the Dancers’ style (woot woot woot!).


In exhange for all the goodies Odette will bestow on her peeps this coming season, she would very dearly love to have *your* support, once again, in this years’s annual ‘Top Dance Blog Contest 2013’ sponsored by Dance Advantage: http://www.danceadvantage.net/2013/01/07/be-a-top-dance-blog

All you need to do to nominate Odette’s Ordeal into the finalist round (part 2 of the contest begins 1/24/13, when your actual votes will be summoned), is comment right here on this post (in the comment box at the bottom) by midnight on 1/22/13!

Just one single (teeny tiny, simple wimple, itsy bitsy) comment, that requires a few very generous seconds of your very busy life, will suffice.

It is important to note that commenting on *this* post (*not* Dance Advantage’s blog post) is the *only* guaranteed protection you will have from suffering an untimely death caused by:

1. A heretofore unknown planetary object crashing into your general vicinity at 149 times the speed of light (even faster than Vanessa Zahorian can turn!)

2. Hungry angst-ridden teenage zombies in drag, singing ‘Glee’s Greatest Hits’ off-key (choreographed by Myles Thatcher)

3. The Disney Villains’ Dance of Doom-Bwahahaha! (choreographed by Val Caniparoli)

4. Bubonic Plague (choreographed by Christopher Wheeldon)


5. The Wrath of Odette (Run, hide!!!)

Soooo…please take that itsy bitsy moment (right now, before you take a bite out of that healthy ballet burrito) and protect yourself from Disney villains and zombies by making that comment in the box at the bottom of this entire post that says ‘Enter your comment here’, telling me (and the world) why you love Odette’s Ordeal. A solitary sentence will do.

Thank you in advance for your support; your comments and votes won Odette’s Ordeal the #9 Dance Blog Award in the whole universe for 2012…in her first year of blogging!

See You at the Ballet!

P.S. Stay tuned for Gala Casting


About Odette's Ordeal

'Ballet's Head Cheerleader'
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155 Responses to 2013 Top Dance Blogs Contest; Nominate ‘Odette’s Ordeal’ With a Comment!

  1. Sandy says:

    great writing!!!!

  2. Paul Dana says:

    Best blog ever!!!

  3. Lucie Y. Hall says:

    Have learned a lot from Odette’s Ordeal. She is the best.

  4. Marji says:

    Hooray for the return of Odette! Let the 2013 ‘Ordeal’ begin. (and hold the Glee-full Zombie apo-calypso)

  5. JON BORSET says:


  6. Cynthia Hashemi says:

    Love this ballet blog. It’s the best!

  7. Best blog for ballet lovers!

  8. Lauren says:

    Wonderful blog for ballet fans!

  9. Marcy says:

    Yay Odette!

  10. William T. Bernal says:

    Fantastic writing, by far the very best blog on the net for Ballet.

  11. chuck says:

    love the writing and knowledge shown on the site.

  12. Jacqueline says:

    i love your blog!!!

  13. danny says:

    a passionate and knowledgeable blogger, indeed!

  14. Never underestimate a ballet dancer! :0)

  15. lyuba says:

    We just love it!

  16. Jeff Tabaco says:

    Thanks for your ballet coverage especially SFB insights!

  17. Maria Sascha Khan says:

    My pick for 2013’s Top Dance Blog!!!

  18. Tani Kristiansen says:

    Odette’s is the best!!!

  19. car9549 says:

    Best in ballet !!!

  20. Carlos Marquez says:

    I love your blog Odette , Awesome!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  21. Teresa Khan says:

    Funny and informative!

  22. Lotta Endahl says:

    Odette’s is a great! Love it!

  23. John M. Radochio says:

    Awesome site!!!!! Keep up the great work!!!!

  24. Morgan says:

    My favorite. Informitive AND inspirational

  25. Kathie says:

    Love reading Odette’s it is GREAT

  26. Dan says:

    Diablo Ballet supports Odette’s Ordeal as a wonderful way to share the power of dance with everyone. This blog helps keep dance alive in the San Francisco Bay Area and we very much appreciate the work Terri does. We hope you will consider it as one of the nation’s top dance blogs.

    Dan Meagher
    Director of Marketing
    Diablo Ballet

  27. Bill Salazar says:

    Very nice!

  28. Paul Snider says:

    Outstanding Blog!!!!!!!!!

  29. Rita says:

    Makes me feel like dancing!

  30. Victoria says:

    I love everything about this Blog ! Te Amo Odettesordeal !

  31. Jamielyn says:

    San Francisco ballet is a top company to watch and Odette’s Ordeal is there sharing/building/growing audience love and appreciation for the dancers and there art form: In turn this helps smaller contemporary ballet companies and freelancers in San Francisco cultivate a supportive audience too! (It’s like having faith in the glory of ballet)

  32. Tina Lowry-Lete says:

    As a retired ballerina Odette’s Ordeal blog is written with great whit and powerful insight of the art of Dancing. It’s Phenominal! My pick for 2013’s Top Dance Blog! Bravo!

  33. angela says:

    you’ve got it goin’ on!

  34. anton ness says:

    I cast my vote for Odette’s Ordeal for one of the best dance blogs for 2013.

  35. YES – Odette’s Ordeal is clever, catchy and the MOST informative – indicates passion and dedication!! Anne Snowball

  36. Austin says:

    Odette’s Ordeal is a great blog, that deserves the win!

  37. Robyn Valdes says:

    It is so refreshing to read a dance blog written by a technically trained ballet dancer. Your knowledge and expertise is great. I cast my vote for Odette’s Ordeal for one if not the BEST dance blogs for 2013..

  38. Ben Chai says:

    Odette’s Ordeal is the best dance blog there is, and Teri is a fantastic writer.

  39. Bobpben says:

    Thanks for all of the great info you give on your blog,

  40. Simon says:

    Love the ballet insights, Teri! Keep it up

  41. Bob Willoughby says:

    Odette’s Ordeal is SO informative and fun to read. I am a big SFB fan and follow Odette for all the ballet news in the Bay Area.

  42. Miriam Braylock says:

    Up to date information. Keeps inform everyday. Beautiful pictures too!

  43. Chris says:

    Got my vote!

  44. Samsara Oberle says:

    Odette’s Ordeal is an informative blog full of passion…Even as a new fan of the ballet, I find Terri’s enthusiasm to be highly contagious.

    • What a beautiful comment from one of the most beautiful Argentine Tangueras I have ever had the pleasure of performing with! I’ll never forget leaving the 49er field afloat in red & black feathers from our boas from that halftime show we did! Go Niners! Miss you, gorgeous girl! XOXOXO

  45. michael mcgraw says:


  46. Andrea Lavelle Smith says:

    Odette’s Ordeal is fun to read and gives alot of exciting information. She is a must read..

  47. Jack says:

    I always appreciate Odette’s Ordeal as my go-to blog site for ballet news, especially SF Ballet! Thanks for the time and energy you put into this blog!

  48. Dave McKenna says:

    Woot Odette’s Ordeal! Woot indeed!

  49. Lawrence says:

    Wonderful blog!!

  50. Alise says:

    Great blog Odette’s! 🙂

  51. Jeanette says:

    Thank you for sharing and all you do!

  52. I nominate Teri’s website as the top site for ballet.

  53. Sabine Goerke-Shrode says:

    Thank you for this blog. I love all the timely updates on SF Ballet performances and have learned a lot from your posts.

  54. 4dancers says:

    All best to you in the Dance Advantage contest!

  55. Anthony says:

    Please vote for Odette’s Ordeal to be voted this years top dance site! Awesome 🙂

  56. Ellen Rose Hummel says:

    Thank you for all you do! keep up the great work and good luck to you 🙂

  57. david chase says:

    Odette’s Ordeal- top dancer site!

  58. Koto says:

    great writimg:D

  59. Matt says:

    A true balletomane…love your enthusiasm.

  60. Jimmy says:

    A fun and informative blog. Two Thumbs up!

  61. Thank you so much for keeping us up to date on the hottest news, love that you keep us in contact with the world of dance!

  62. Bev says:

    A fun, informative blog. A full tour jete’!

  63. jordan says:

    So thankful for all the gracious support and love!

  64. jen says:

    passionate blog with great coverage here!

  65. Mario Vitale Labrador says:

    I love this blog, she keeps me not only on full updates from my home town company (SFBallet), but also from other companies and events that’s happening around the globe in the world of ballet. I love how dedicated and passionate she is to herself, her blog, and to the many balletomans out there who await her juicy stories. Go Odette’s Ordeal!

    • Thank you so much, Mario! We’ve both come a long way since Oakland Ballet training (mine, decades ago)…but, *especially* you! I am thankful for your support and so very proud to have the first U.S. dancer hired by the Mikhailovsky as a friend and reader! Miss standing with you ‘on the rail’! (Though I actually get to sit nowadays, I still go to the rail at intermissions!) Thanks so much for your support!

  66. Virginia Reyna says:

    I always look forward to your communications. Thanks to all you do, I feel a part of the San Francisco dance scene. Great fun!! (See you at the ballet—)

  67. Marcella says:

    Wonderful blog, thanks for the updates and news!

  68. Odette’s dedication to keeping the fans of SFB informed is without equal.

  69. Cindy says:

    Many thanks for two wonderful years of Odette’s Ordeal news, reviews, insights, anecdotes, and photos highlighting SF Ballet. Your blog is excellent, essential, not to be missed!

  70. My daughter Sophee, is an aspiring ballet dancer and we love your blog! She hopes to study with the San Francisco ballet one day. We will be in San Francisco the first weekend in February for the Adrenaline dance competition and we will be meeting up with a friend who is in studying with their year around dance program. Love San Francisco, Love SFB and for the Love of dance keep up the good work!
    Julee Ireland

    • Thanks so much for the support! Looks like I qualified to be a Finalist, thanks to all my loyal readers! Sounds like Sophee has been bitten by the dance bug! (Sorry, but there’s no cure…) 🙂

  71. Love your site! Fantastic take on ballet and dance. Please keep the ballet news coming!!

    • Thank you SO much, George! The deadline had passed for Part 1 of this contest and my loyal readers, like yourself, have gotten me nominated in the Top Twenty! But, I’ll need your vote for Round 2 and will actually give you some notice this time! Many thanks for your support! Always good to have a conductor behind me. Or in front of me with his baton… 😉

  72. rrodriguezballetmaster says:

    Thanks for all the updates – great blog site!!

  73. Thanks so much everyone! You nominated Odette into the Top Twenty…now for the final vote! You have till midnight 1/31/13, so *pleeeease* go to the link and vote by clicking on ‘Odette’s Ordeal’ in 2 different polls: ‘Your Favorite Dance Blog’ (scroll down a little till you see the gray box with ‘Odette’s Ordeal’ listed in 3rd place) *and* a little below that, also vote for ‘Odette’s Ordeal’ in the ‘Speaking Dance’ category!
    Thank you for the love!
    Here’s the link:

  74. JAMES RIZZI says:

    this blog rocks. i live in germany and love it love it

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