Odette Needs Your Final Votes for Dance Advantage’s Top Dance Blog Contest of 2013!!!


Hi Peeps-

Last week, before the unfair and unmanicured hand of doom came down upon Odette’s PC, Odette’s Ordeal qualified for the finals (!) of Dance Advantage’s ‘Top Twenty Dance Blogs’ (thanks to *you*, Odette’s loyal readers!) & now needs your *final* votes in 2 categories!

(Are you sitting down? Because the deadline is in an hour and a half!)

Odette is SOOO sorry for the late notice, trust me…more sorry than the sorriest sorrowful sorrower (making up words is totally allowed in these *Special Circumstances*) than you could possibly know:

Guess whose computer has been sick since the day the final phase of the contest began?

Mmm Hmmm. You got that right, peeps; 1/24/13, the day of the San Francisco Ballet Gala, the reason this whole blog came into being, also happened to be the 1st day of needing your votes for the contest finals…and Odette’s computer decided to take an extended nap. A week long ‘I am sick and tired of this and going to *not* cooperate till I’m correctly diagnosed’ nap.

Odette rushed home from Gala on 1/24/13, loaded photos, began her review, worked on said review, a pending interview, and the ‘After Party’ posts all day Saturday, was cruising towards clicking the almighty ‘publish’ button on Sunday, finally beginning to *think* about informing her readers of the need for votes, like every other qualifying blogger, knowing she still had days to rack up those votes, and…



(I know, right?…)

That is correct, readers. The day I needed to publish a post telling you all that I needed your final votes…my computer decided to contract a serious illness.

I know it’s last minute (literally), but…

*Pleeease* vote by *clicking* on (no comments needed) Odette’s Ordeal in 2 different polls:

‘Your Favorite Dance Blog’

(scroll down to the gray box, in the link below, to find it, click ‘Odette’s Ordeal’, which is 3rd on the list, then click ‘Vote’)

and then go *back* and find, just below that, the ‘Speaking Dance’ category! Click Odette’s Ordeal of the 3 blogs in that box, click ‘Vote’ again and you’re done!

2 votes with 2 simple clicks & ‘Odette’ will be forever grateful! This is the final vote and I really need your help, if anyone out there can hear me, considering I had no means of informing you before this minute-thanks so much for the love!

 Here’s the link:


Thanks for your support and know I am absolutely amazed I got any votes at all, considering I had no means of informing you of the contest finals!


See You at the Ballet (where everything is beautiful!)

About Odette's Ordeal

'Ballet's Head Cheerleader'
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1 Response to Odette Needs Your Final Votes for Dance Advantage’s Top Dance Blog Contest of 2013!!!

  1. Dancing Girl says:

    You are on 3 place, of the top dancers blog. Congratulations!

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