San Francisco Ballet Gala 2013: Performance & Party Photo Galleries

SFB Gala 2013 'Moving the Compass'; photo of 'Raymonda' tutu from SFB's blog

SFB Gala 2013 ‘Moving the Compass’; photo of ‘Raymonda’ tutu from SFB’s blog

Lorena Feijoo in Nureyev’s Raymonda Act III © Erik Tomasson

Lorena Feijoo in Nureyev’s Raymonda Act III © Erik Tomasson

SFB Corps Dancer Diego Cruz at the After Party 'Barre'; photo: Fernando Lopez

SFB Corps Dancer Diego Cruz at the After Party ‘Barre’; photo: Fernando Lopez

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^The Gala Performances^


The After Party Celebration:

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Odette is sad to report that her computer has been very ill (possibly Mad Cow Disease) since 2 days after SFB’s Gala, so the reviews of Gala & Program 1 will be posted as soon her computer is up and running. (Talk about timing! lol) In the meantime, feast your eyes on the slideshows of the Gala Performances & After Party photos.

Odette’s apologies for any errors or omissions in this entire post, but she is not able to publish a *real* blog post or make any corrections just yet, until her PC has recuperated. These photos were already loaded with the Gala program below, so she figures you just want to see them, with or without the reviews.


Another issue that has Odette deeply chagrined is that her wonderful readers wrote enough comments for her to qualify (again!) in the annual Finals of Dance Advantage’s ‘Top Dance Blogs’ contest (Woot!)… which is fabulous!!!

*But* (here’s where that deep chagrin enters the picture)…

The day that the final phase of the contest began-the day Odette was to inform her readers, like every other qualifying blogger, that she was even *in* the finals and that they should now make their final votes for Odette’s Ordeal in 2 categories-happened to be 1/24/13, the day of SFB’s Gala. Odette rushed home from Gala, loaded these wonderful Gala photos (which she *did* post on Facebook and Twitter, if you follow her there), began working on her review, and before she got to post that review or even *think* about a ‘Top Dance Blogs Contest’ post, asking her readers to vote…

…her computer suddenly became stricken before she could publish anything at all.

(Enter full time day job, lots of rebooting and intermittent freezing of computer processes in the eves…and in between attending Gala and Opening Night of Program 1, being up to all hours trying to unsuccessfully nurse her poor computer back to health, post on her blog, and finally getting the diagnosis and treatment plan from an actual professional techie, yada, yada, yada…)

Now it’s the actual contest deadline (midnight tonight) and she is *just* getting to publish this much for you…

…and beg you to vote for Odette’s Ordeal in the 2 categories she qualified in, if you haven’t already succumbed to her Facebook pleas, which is the only way she has been able to seek votes (using her iPhone).

*Pleeease* vote by *clicking* on (no comments needed this time) ‘Odette’s Ordeal’ in 2 different polls:

‘Your Favorite Dance Blog’ (scroll down to the gray box; ‘Odette’s Ordeal’ is 3rd) and just below that, in the ‘Speaking Dance’ category! 2 votes with 2 simple clicks & ‘Odette’ will be forever grateful! This is the final vote and she really needs your help-thanks so much for the love!
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Happy San Francisco Ballet Season 2013!!!


Opening Night Gala 2013

Thursday January 24, 2013: Repertory and Casting



Composer: Louis Gottschalk

Orchestrated by: Hershy Kay

Choreography:George Balanchine

Current Staging by: Elyse Borne

Costume Design: after Karinska

Conductor: Martin West

Piano Solo: Michael McGraw

Casting: Sasha De Sola*, Pascal Molat*


Final solo from L’ARLESIENNE

Composer: Georges Bizet

Choreography: Roland Petit

Staged by: Luigi Bonino

Scenic Design: René Allio

Costume Design: Christine Laurent

Lighting Design: after Jean-Michel Desiré

Conductor: Martin West

Casting: Pierre-François Vilanoba*



Composer: Matthias Strebinger, adapted by Holger Simon Paulli

Orchestrated by: William McDermott

Choreography: August Bournonville

Current Staging by: Helgi Tomasson

Conductor: Martin West

Casting: Clara Blanco*, Gennadi Nedvigin



Composer: Wojceich Kilar

Choreography: Myles Thatcher

Costume Design: Susan Roemer, Myles Thatcher

Lighting Design: Kevin Connaughton

Conductor: Martin West

Casting: Dores Andre*, Dana Genshaft*, Joan Boada*, Jaime Garcia Castilla*


Raymonda’s solo from RAYMONDA ACT III

Composer: Alexander Glazunov

Choreography: Rudolph Nureyev after Marius Petipa

Reconstructed and Staged by: Grant Coyle, assisted by Bruce Sansom

Lighting Design: after John B. Read

Conductor: Martin West

Casting: Lorena Feijoo


2nd movement of TRIO

Composer: Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Choreographer: Helgi Tomasson

Scenic Design: Alexander V. Nichols

Costume Design: Mark Zappone

Lighting Design: Christopher Dennis

Conductor: Martin West

Casting: Sarah Van Patten, Tiit Helimets, Vito Mazzeo


grand pas de deux from DON QUIXOTE, ACT III

Composer: Ludwig Minkus and Riccardo Drigo

Choreography: after Marius Petipa and Alexander Gorsky

Staged by: Helgi Tomasson and Yuri Possokhov

Costume Design: Martin Pakledinaz

Lighting Design: after James F. Ingalls

Associate Costume Designer: Heather Lockard

Conductor: Martin West

Casting: Frances Chung, Taras Domitro


pas de deux from ONEGIN, ACT I

Composer: Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky Arrangement and Orchestration: Kurt-Heinz Stolze

Choreography: John Cranko

Staged by: Reid Anderson and Jane Bourne

Scenic and Costume Design: Santo Loquasto

Lighting Design: after James F. Ingalls

Copyright Dieter Graefe

Conductor: Martin West

Casting: Maria Kochetkova, Vitor Luiz


pas de deux from STARS AND STRIPES

Composer: John Philip Sousa

Adapted and orchestrated by: Hershey Kay

Choreography: George Balanchine

Current Staging by: Elyse Borne

Costume Design: after Karinska

Lighting Design: after Sarah Linnie Slocum

Conductor: Martin West

Casting: Vanessa Zahorian*, Davit Karapetyan*

pas de deux from AFTER THE RAIN

Composer: Arvo Pärt

Choreography: Christopher Wheeldon

Costume Design: Holly Hynes

Lighting Design: Mark Stanley

Conductor: Martin West

Violin: Roy Malan

Piano: Michael McGraw

Casting: Yuan Yuan Tan, Damian Smith


excerpts from SUITE en BLANC

Composer : Édouard Lalo

Choreography: Serge Lifar

Staged by: Maina Gielgud

Conductor: Martin West

Casting: Sofiane Sylve*, Tiit Helimets*


* Indicates premiere in role ^Indicated guest artist Program and casting subject to change


Click here for ticket info for *the* Gala event of then year!

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    • You are so welcome! Taking my computer in to my tech guy to have its dying disc/disk (you now I’m not a techie when I don’t know which spelling applies!) replaced at this very moment. Stay tuned for belated reviews! And it was great to see you at Gala! 🙂

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